Travel Tools Recommendations That Must Be Prepared

Tools Recommendation for Travelers - For those of you who are stressed, bored or otherwise you try to travel because traveling can reflect the mind from stress and other benefits. For someone who has a hobby or likes Traveler, preparing equipment is mandatory and very useful when traveling. But what is a gadget that is suitable for the traveler who can be taken anywhere and is very useful?

The gadget that we will discuss is not a smartphone or a sophisticated, but an electronic device that has technology that can support traveling activities. The gadget below is also easy to carry everywhere and one of them can make turbid water into clear and clean water.

Of course, you have been wondering what kind of gadget? And of course how much is the price of the gadget? Immediately, see the review list of gadgets that are suitable for the traveler.

1. Rechargeable LED Headlamp

This gadget is not an ordinary headlamp but this one gadget has a very long battery life that can reach 18 hours. And if the battery runs out you can charge this headlamp using USB.

This tool is also made of strong materials, so it can withstand all weather and conditions. This headlamp can also be used in water. SOS Strobe is a lamp that is needed on the headlamp that can be used during emergencies.

2. Sherpa 50 Solar Kit

This tool has one function that is able to carry out charging for laptops, smartphones and also other gadgets. This tool is perfect for traveling because when the battery of your gadget such as laptops, smartphones, and others are exhausted, you can charge with the Sherpa 50 Solara Kit by relying on sunlight.

3. Nava Filtering Water Bottle 

Nava Filtering Water Bottle is a tool that is visually almost similar to ordinary drink bottles, but if you look at it in more detail then you will realize that this bottle is not an ordinary drink bottle. This gadget is a tool that can change water into clean easily. If you pay close attention there is a filter located inside and in the middle of the bottle that functions to change the water that was dirty into clean water.

4. Earl

Earl is one of the tools that must be carried by the traveler because this tool can facilitate the traveler in traveling in the wild. Because this tool has power-saving technology, e-link screen, integrated GPS, weather sensors and radio communication technology. This one tool is also known as the Backcountry Survival Table and uses the Android OS Jelly Bean.

5. BioLite CampStove

This one tool is a multifunctional gadget that you can use like to burn wood for cooking, make a purple fire, warmers and more. In addition, this gadget can also be used as a power charger or can be used to charge a smartphone.

6. Eton Scorpion

Eton Scorpion is a device that can be used to be a flashlight and this tool also has a radio, USB charger, and bottle cap opening. The advantage of this tool is that it can be refilled again by utilizing sunlight or also with electricity.

7. SteriPen Water Purifier

This tool is quite cool because you can make water that was turbid to be clear or pure with UV light contained in this tool. Reportedly this tool can eradicate 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

How do you already have a plan to bring one of the gadgets above for traveling? But not all gadgets also carry it because some gadgets can function in all conditions and some are only in certain conditions, so bring a gadget that you think is right for you to travel. And that's a list of recommended gadgets that are suitable for traveling.

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