How to Leave the WhatsApp Group Without Notification

How to Leave the WhatsApp Group Without Anyone Knowing - Whatsapp is one of the free applications for sending messages available for Android and other smart smartphones. In other words, Whatsapp is an application for sending and receiving messages, calling, pictures and so on but your smartphone must be connected to the internet to be able to do that. This application can be obtained free on Google Playstore.

Whatsapp is now also only once used by people not only among teenagers but Mother and others also use it. Because this application is very easy to use to contact friends, family, girlfriends or business.

But this time we will discuss the Broadcast Group feature. Sometimes you are in the Whatsapp group but you are not comfortable leaving the group because it is too annoying so you don't leave the group. And also when you are offline a few days then when you are online there will be many spam chats from the group that sometimes make your smartphone experience lag.

And you may have crossed your mind how to get out of the WhatsApp group without the other group members know. But you don't know how? Don't worry, because this time I will share the method or tutorial with you all.

Listen carefully the tutorial below, before practicing this tutorial you must be connected to the internet and also already have a clear Whatsapp account/application. Follow the steps Bellow

Change Whatsapp Number

This first step you just need to change the WhatsApp number but don't take the data on WhatsApp is lost or participate erased. Here's how to safely change the WhatsApp number as follows.

But before you have to back up all the data on your Whatsapp the way is as follows.

  1. Enter Settings / Settings
  2. Then choose Chat
  3. Then select Backup Chat
  4. Then click Backup, you can also choose whether you want to be backed up to the email you want.

After the data is backed up you just need to change your WhatsApp number as follows.

  1. Enter Settings / Settings
  2. Select Account
  3. Then choose Change Number
  4. Then follow the explanation and steps given
  5. Erase Whatsapp Number
  6. After you finish the first way you can continue this second step by removing your number WhatsApp. 

However, don't delete your number through the WhatsApp application but do the following.

  1. Enter Settings on your smartphone
  2. Then enter the Application Manager menu
  3. Search Whatsapp app
  4. Then click Clear Cache
  5. In this step, your important data will also be deleted because the stored cache has been deleted. And open the WhatsApp app then the display will look like the first time download WhatsApp.

Register Whatsapp with Old Number

And if you have done the steps above correctly now you just go to the last step, which is as follows.

  1. Open the Whatsapp application
  2. Register with the old number we replaced earlier
  3. And finished

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