How to Hide Applications on the Oppo Smartphone

Oppo is one smartphone that is known for its excellent selfie camera features. Behind the high-quality camera, it turns out that Oppo has also equipped with a variety of other interesting features to the presence of ColorOS as its system. How to turn on applications on Oppo is a feature that is commonly sought because users want the privacy and security of their brand.

As information, the ColorOS system embedded in this phone is an Android operating system that has been developed as such by the Oppo developer. This system is used to provide a much better experience for each user. Available features.

ColorOS is flooded with a myriad of advantages such as one related to data and also the security of each user. The operating system that has been pinned on the Oppo Mobile is also equipped with several utilities that you can use to store, restore and back up data. In fact, users can take advantage of the Guest Mode feature which is a feature to control privacy.

How to hide applications and various secret files in Oppo

All Hp Oppo users can find the security menu through Guest Mode in the Security Center application. We will explain the following ways to make an application on the Oppo Mobile:

  1. The first step is to start the Security Center menu on your phone.
  2. Enter the Privacy Permissions menu option then select Privacy Protection.
  3. Next fill in the password and after the Privacy Protection menu appears you will be faced with 3 options, namely: Personal Files (as a feature for setting files), Personal Contacts (as a menu feature for contact list), and Personal Application (to resolve the application).
  4. After that, find and activate the Advanced hiding menu in the Privacy Protection menu. If the permission appears, then click you click OK.

How to Re-open the Hidden Application or Data on the Oppo Cellphone

After that, we explained how to make an application on your phone, if at any time you want to open it, go back to anywhere easily. The trick is not much different from using the already available Security Center application, see the steps below:

  1. Enter the Security Center application menu on the Oppo device you have
  2. Select the Privacy Permissions menu, then tap four times on the image with the lock icon.
  3. Then you can now access files or applications through the Personal Applications menu, Personal Contacts or Personal Files depending on what you are hiding.
  4. That's the advantage of Oppo Mobile that allows users to support certain applications and data. Even though each type of opposition has different laying menus, all the different still adjust each of the privacy menus.

Well, thus we have explained how to manage applications on Mobile Oppo through the features provided. In addition to the application, you can also use this privacy feature to collect various types of media such as photos, videos and other files that protect secrets. When a cellphone is borrowed by a friend or family, you become calmer.

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