How to Make Triangle Glow Effect on Picsay Pro

Make a Triangle Glow effect on Picsay Pro Android - Actually this tutorial is quite simple and easy but the results are very elegant and interesting to upload to your social media to make it look more cool and up to date.

For this tutorial, I made it in a user-friendly way, so it's very easy for you to understand beginners when it comes to photo editing in this Picsay application. 

Okay no need to linger anymore, we just go to the main topic.

How to Make a Triangle Glow effect on Picsay Pro

1. First, download the PicSay application in the Play Store.

2. Open Picsay → Select Image to edit.

3. Choose StickerBasic Shapes → and choose Triangle shape.
4. Place the triangle shape in the middle of the photo or it can be adjusted to your liking.

5. Press the Triangle to shape → Select Duplicate → Place it parallel to 2 triangles.
6. Select Triangle Effect → Glow again and set it to 50%.
7. Tap Triangle again → Effect → Blend With Background, then erase part of the triangle shape like the example below. Do the same for the second triangle.
8. Still, select Effect Insert Picture → and insert the same photo. Then place the position parallel. Do the same for the second triangle.
9. Finally, you can delete the second photo so that it looks like a triangle shape. Then also delete the Glow that covers the photo and body then lowers the Opacity until it looks smooth or transparent.

Well, here is a tutorial on How to Make a Triangle Glow Effect on Picsay Android, if there is something that is not understood, or there is an error in me delivering the tutorial above, you can comment below to convey the problem. May be useful.

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