How to Make Floating Share Button Widget on Blogger

Make Floating Share Button Widget on Blogger - Share Button is a fairly important part of a blog or website. Why did the writer say that? Yes, if an author shares information or news on a blog/website and there are readers who need and are interested in that information. There has a possibility that readers will share or share articles that the author made.

Of course, it will be very beneficial for the writer on a blog or website. The Share button on a website/blog has many types and the location is also different. Among other things, Floating or Sticky Bottom, In-Line and Pop Up.

Well, in this article, the author will share a little short tutorial on How to Make a Sticky Share Button Widget on Blogger. The position will be on the left side of the blog if opened on a PC and if the cell phone will be below the screen. This share button will sticky or float when scrolled. If you are interested in installing this share button on their respective blogs or websites. You can see it in the tutorial below.

How to Make Floating Share Button Widget on Blogger

1. Open the Sumo website → Then enter the Url of your blog or website in the column → select Try For Free.
2. After that, will appear Pop Up → Fill in your Email and Password → Select Sign Up.
3. Next Copy and Paste the JavaScript code first in Notepad or Ms. Word.

4. Log in to your Blogger account → Themes → Edit HTML.
5. Copy and paste the JavaScript code before the </body>
6. Select Save Theme.

7. Next, re-open the Sumo web → Select Start Using Sumo.
8. Move the cursor to the Extras → Share → Settings menu.
9. Scroll down and for the settings, you can adjust to each taste. If you have click Save.
10. Please open your respective Blog or Website and Share Button successfully installed.

I think enough, I hope this article can help netizens who wanna Make Floating Share Button Widget on Blogger. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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