How to Install HandBrake on Laptop/Windows

Install HandBrake on a Laptop/Windows - Handbrake is one digital video converter software that can be used on various platforms, one of which is Windows. If you are YouTuber or Content Creator, surely you will really need a video converter. 

Every content creator will always edit the video record results so that it looks more interesting. The results of editing will definitely produce a file with a large size. So, the Handbrake function will work, this software will convert the file into a smaller size. You can use this software for free. With the features found in this software, making Handbrake has quite a lot of users.

Handbrake was originally developed by Heric (titer) in 2003 and can only be used on the BeOS platform at that time. Until its end in 2006, Handbrake has developed progressively and can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

How to Install Handbrake

Before continuing with the installation tutorial, you must prepare a supporting file. Like, Netframework version 4.7.2 and Handbrake files.

After all the tools are ready, we will proceed to the tutorial.

1. Install Netframework.

2. After Netframework is installed, then we will install Handbrake.
3. Click Next → then adjust the file storage.
4. Then click Next again and wait until the loading process is complete.
5. Done. You can use Handbrake directly.

Well, that's the tutorial on How to Easily Install Handbrake on Windows that I shared with you. Hope this article helps you. Good luck!

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