How to Connect Amazon Web Service AWS Using GitBash

Connect Amazon Web Service AWS Using GitBash - Cloud computing systems have penetrated in various fields. Now almost all fields of technology in the world have implemented the principle of the cloud. Apart from being simple and not needing to have a replacement, we also don't need to pay electricity costs continuously because there are no mobile devices that we use.  Simply by paying the cost of using the cloud to our provider we can use the system we need without spending a large fee.

In this tutorial, we will explain how we connect to cloud servers using Gitbash. Git is a version control system that can remember any file changes. Git is very effective and fast to help us especially in making large projects and without the cost. 

Okay, no further ado, let's start the operation.

How to Connect Amazon Web Service AWS Using GitBash

1. After we login to AWS, we need to enter the console from AWS itself by pressing the button on the top right.
2. If you have already been taken to the start page of the console from AWS. Select Launch a virtual machine to create a new computing system.
3. This time we will use Ubuntu 16.04. Type ubuntu in the search bar then select ubuntu server 16.04 LTS.
4. If so, we can configure the system that we will build in our cloud. For this time, we use the free tier to be free. We can click Next: Configure Instance Details to add settings according to preferences. But for this time we immediately just Review and Launch.
5. We will be taken to the review page before we finally launch our own cloud operating system.
6. After that, we are required to create a key that will be used to connect to AWS. Make sure the key is stored in a safe / duplicated place so it doesn't get lost. Note: If the key is lost, our AWS account will not be used.
7. Our cloud system is already running on the AWS server. We wait a moment while configuring the AWS server.
8. If you have, we can connect from the AWS server and our computer via Gitbash. The trick is to click on Connect next to the Launch Instance then we take the Example provided to be used as the key to Connect.
9. Open our gitbash and then connect to the AWS server by typing the example that we copied earlier. Congratulations! Your computer is connected to the AWS computer cloud!

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