How to Check the Authenticity of Xiaomi Mobile Phone

If you have already bought this phone, you can immediately check Xiaomi's warranty. This is quite important because the illegal Xiaomi smartphone cannot be handled by the official Xiaomi service center To be able to check the official Xiaomi warranty or not, you only need the IMEI number printed on the smartphone. In addition, there are also several methods to find out the IMEI number.

If you have not yet purchased a Xiaomi smartphone, you can ask first to ensure the guarantee is official or not. But to be surer, you can ask the smartphone IMEI to be checked directly on the official Xiaomi website.

If you have bought it, you can see the IMEI from this Xiaomi smartphone on the back of the box. In addition, you can also see it directly on a smartphone by using several methods.

How to see the IMEI code on Xiaomi mobile phones

  1. Turn on your phone
  2. Type/call this code * # 06 #
  3. After typing the code, the IMEI number will appear immediately
  4. If the Xiaomi smartphone owned by the supports two SIM cards, two IMEI numbers will automatically appear. Furthermore, use one of the IMEI numbers to check the Xiaomi smartphone warranty.

After getting the IMEI number, you can directly follow the following tutorial.

  1. Open the official Xiaomi website
  2. Enter IMEI in the "Enter your IMEI number" column
  3. Press the Next Step button to verify the Xiaomi mobile
  4. You will be presented with an information page that shows the name of the series
  5. smartphone, internal storage capacity, RAM capacity, country of distribution, to the time of warranty.

For the record, this information will appear if the Xiaomi smartphone used is official from the country of Indonesia. You could say how to check the warranty of this Xiaomi smartphone is very easy. But if you have a faster way, you can write it in the comments column below.

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