How to Share Blog Posts Automatically to Facebook and Twitter

Automatically Share Blogs to Facebook and Twitter - Facebook fans page is a page which there are posts that can reach the peoples who like or follow the page. Fanspage usually published information in accordance with the wishes of the owner, likes meme/jokes, news, etc. So it can be equated that fans page is the same as a blog.

Many uses of fans page, one of which can help you who have a blog or website. You can share your articles on the fans page to get more visitors. So, Can we synchronize our blogs with our Fanspage? So that every post on our blog will be automatically posted on fans page too? The answer is YES. You can follow the steps below:

How to Share Blog Posts Automatically to Social Media

1. Open your browser and visit IFTTT website.
2. Click the 'Sign Up' menu of the website
3. You can log in using two ways. First, you can use a Google account by clicking 'Continue with Google' and the second you can use a Facebook account by clicking 'Continue with Facebook'. Choose according to your wishes.
4. There will be an opening pop up as shown below, then click 'Close' button.
5. Scroll down the website and click more until you find the 'Share your blog post to your facebook page' feature. If you find it, you just click it.
6. Click the 'Turn On' and click 'Ok' button that located beside the Turn On button. Next, you will be asked for permission to give access to manage your Blogger account and your Facebook page. Then, click "Ok' to continue.

7. Finally, type the form as shown below. then click the 'Save' button
The steps to share the blog posts automatically to twitter is same as the steps above. The difference is when choosing the features, you should choose 'Share your new Blogger posts to Twitter'.
I think enough, i hope this article can help netizens who want to share blog post automatically to facebook fanspage or twitter. If this article is useful, you can share this article to your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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