How to Get Free Edu Email From Crafton Hills College

Get Free Edu Email - Education email is an email given by a university or institution to all students registered in it. There are so many benefits if someone has an educational email. We will get lots of promos, licenses, free software, and attractive discounts.

Benefits of having an educational email

  1. Google Drive Unlimited Storage
  2. Free 1TB (Terabyte) Storage OneDrive
  3. Unlimited GitHub Access
  4. Free .me domain and SSL from NameCheap
  5. Get $50 Digital Ocean (DO) Voucher
  6. Free Cloud Server (AWS, Azure, and Bitnami)
  7. Github Unlimited Private Repository and Free GitKraken 1 year
  8. Free .tech domains
  9. Download the Free Autodesk Application
  10. Free Office 365 and Microsoft Windows Licenses
  11. Free Axure
  12. Free JetBrains
  13. Free Intel Development Software
Then, can we get an education email for free? YES. Follow the tutorial below

How to make an Edu e-mail at Crafton Hills College

2. Select Crafton Hills College and click the "Apply" button.
3. After that click the "Apply" button as shown below
4. Click "Create an account" if you did not have an account or "Sign In" if have an account.
5. open to get personal data.

6. For the location, select California and search for people over 20 years old.

7. After you find it, Type first name, last name, or middle name and etc. in the form according to the data from fakeaddressgenerator.

8. Enter the active email, phone number, and address according to the data from the fake address generator. and Mark "i have verified the address entered is correct"
9. This is the data for OpenCCC accounts that are not very important, please fill your username and password complete with security questions. Don't forget to type 4 digit PIN numbers as you like.
10. The OpenCCC account has been successfully created, to continue registering to the Crafton Hills College campus click the continue button
11. Adjust the date and choose whatever program of study do you want.
12. Accept or mark the mailing list.
13. Fill the form like the picture below, you can also improvise.
14. For the military, select "no apply to me"
15. Next, check the form like the picture below
16. For needs and interest, it can be equated with the image below
17. For demographic information, compare it with your OpenCCC account.
18. For additional questions, use other people's data at

19. Finally, click the "Review My Application" button
The approval process takes at least 3 days and a maximum of 7 days. Check your e-mail from Crafton Hills College that tells you that registration as a prospective student has been approved.

This is the kind of email we will get after getting approval. You should follow the instructions in the email
I think enough, I hope this article can help netizens who wanna get free education email. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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