How to Fix Anonymox Errors in Chrome and Firefox

Fix Anonymox Errors in Chrome and Firefox - Anonymox is an add-ons or extensions on the browser that serves to disguise the browsing activities of users. If paired, AnonymoX is similar to TunnelBear, which connects the user's browser to anonymoX's internet service, so that the user's original Internet Protocol is disguised.

By using Anonymox, you can open sites on the internet that are blocked by the government or state policy. Because the AnonymoX function is very complex, it will sometimes display an error to the user.

Can we overcome these errors? YES... If handled properly, errors that appear will be handled easily. The following are some ways to deal with Anonymox errors if you experience them later.

1. How to Overcome "IP Anonymox Failed"

In several times, you might see an error message "IP Anonymox Failed". Usually, this error message will exist when you change the IP address or country of the Anonymox server manually.

If this error still occurs, you can reset the AnonymoX to the default setting, which is using the default destination server from Anonymox. This method can be used either on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

2. How to Overcome "Anonymox Not Functioning After Activation"

When you activate or open Anonymox, the loading that should be normal suddenly becomes very long or does not want to stop.

The problem is caused by an error while installing the Anonymox add-ons. This can also happen to all add-ons, so it's not just Anonymox. The solution is to delete the Anonymox and then reinstall it.

3. How to Overcome "Anonymox cannot connect at the moment"

Another error message that might also occur when using Anonymox is "Anonymox cannot connect at the moment". The message will appear because the AnonymoX used is an old version or the browser used is an old version.

To overcome it, you should update the browser (Chrome or Firefox) or updating the Anonymox add-ons that you use.

I think enough, I hope this article can help netizens who wanna fix the errors of AnonymoX. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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