How to Find Out If You're Blocked by Someone on Facebook

Find Out If You're Blocked by Someone on Facebook - According to Wikipedia, Blokir is an action taken to stop certain people from accessing information. If a website activates blocking based on the user's IP address, blocking it can affect other users who share IP addresses. Some blocked users try to avoid blocking it by creating another account or using a proxy server.

The block feature is a feature that makes social media more comfortable. With this feature, we can freely use social media without anyone bothering us with their opinions, or things that bother you. Well, the problem is that social media, one of them is Facebook, doesn't give us notifications if we're blocked by someone. However, we can find out whether we are blocked or not on the Facebook platform. We can know that in several ways:

1. People Who Block You Are Not on Your Friends List

If you happen to see that a friend is no longer on your friend list, you may be unfriended or blocked.

2. You Can't Mark It in Your Posts

If you feel friends with someone, you can certainly tag or mark it on a post. If not, then you are again friended or blocked. This is seen if Facebook does not give auto-complete when you type the name of your friend.

3. You Cannot Enter it in the Group

If you make an event on Facebook and you can't invite a friend of yours, it means you can be friends or blocked.

4. You Can't See the Post Again

If you can no longer see the post, this is a strong indication that you have been friended or blocked.

5. You Can't Find Him at Search

Supposedly, if you search for someone's account name in the search column, you will get it. If not, it's almost certain that you have been blocked.

6. You Cannot Send It A Message on Facebook Messenger

If someone can't send a message to Messenger with an error message saying that the user is out of the box, then you are blocked.

7. You Cannot See Someone's Profile Page

If you try to directly enter someone's profile page and the content article is not available or the user is not available, then you are blocked.

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