How to Clean Smartphone Screen Effectively

Cleaning Android Screen Effectively - If we use a microscope to peek at how many bacteria on our smartphone screen, maybe the number of bacteria will exceed the toilet seat.

We always hold our smartphone screen, while we are in contact with a lot of surfaces that are not necessarily clean. Not to mention if your hands sweat, which is certainly more susceptible to attracting bacteria. But often our smartphone spills food or is exposed to dirt when it falls. Because of that, we really have to clean our smartphones.

Using water is not effective to clean the screen of our cellphone. But do not also use fluid to clean the screen, such as carbolic acid, soap, soda, and others. The cleaning fluid will damage the oleophobic which is responsible for holding the oil. If this layer is damaged, the device will be far more vulnerable to damage.

Here's how to clean the smartphone screen.

1. Unplug all cables connected to the smartphone

2. Turn off the smartphone and remove all cases

3. Use a clean, lint-free cloth that is dye-free (for example, a used white shirt), which is moistened with water. Gently wipe along the surface of the screen with straight and short movements. Don't rub it long.

4. Repeat until clean and sleek

5. If you want to be sleeker, make a 50:50 of water and alcohol, then wipe it with the same cloth


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