How to Change Cursor Shape on Windows

Change Cursor Shape on Windows - Cursor is a special character on a computer that is used as a pointing device in communication between operators and programs. In the text view, it is usually a blinking box-shaped cursor that shows the next character position that the operator will type. After writing a character, the cursor will automatically shift to the next position if it reaches the line boundary.

On some computers, there are special buttons to move the cursor up, down, left, right or left-top corner of the screen. Cursors can also be driven by certain tools, such as a control stick (on the joystick), a pointer (on the tablet), and a slide box (on the mouse). If we feel bored with the appearance of an ordinary cursor and want to change it to be more interesting. You can follow the tutorial below:

How to Change the Cursor Shape on Windows

1. Open the "Start" menu
2. Search or select the "Control Panel" menu.
3. Type the word "Mouse" in the search box
4. Click "Change how the mouse pointer looks"
5. After we click on the menu. We will be presented with various types of cursors. Choose the cursor shape according to your taste. When done, click the "Ok" button.
6. Your cursor shape has been changed now!

How to change the mouse cursor shape above can be done on all versions of Windows. Starting from Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

I think enough, I hope this article can help netizens who wanna change the normal cursor to custom cursor. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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