How to Block Ad Notification on Dekstop Chrome Browser

Block Ad Notification on Chrome PC/Laptop Browser - In using the browser, complaints from users often arise. One complaint that often occurs is due to the appearance of annoying popup ad notifications. This ad notification appears in the lower right corner of the screen on the Laptop. What's worse and very annoying because this ad notification appears even if it's not using Chrome.

So, maybe this ad notification appears when you are typing using Word, which will be annoying. However, you don't need to worry anymore because there is a very easy way to get rid of ad notifications in Chrome on both Laptop and Android.

If you use laptops very often, then you must turn off this ad notification. You do not need to worry because it is very easy and does not require plugins, applications, and also does not need to install any extensions. To deactivate ad notification on Chrome on Laptop, the method that can be done is very easy and can be done to refer to the following steps.

How to Block Ad Notification Chrome on Laptop

The first step you have to do is Google Chrome on the Laptop. Then in Chrome, click on the Menu (point three) in the upper right corner. After that, in the menu list that appears Settings.
On the Google Chrome Settings tab, scroll down and click Advanced to set a list of other settings that can be changed. Please scroll down again and look for the Site Settings section.
On the next page, which is the Site Settings page that appears, scroll down to search again and click Notification.
So, on the Notification page that appears there will be a list of sites divided into two parts. The first part is Block contains a list of sites that you intentionally block so as not to show any notifications. The second part is Allow, which contains a list of sites that you allow to display notifications, whether it's a notification if there are changes or announcements, whether the notification of the ads installed on the site. Unfortunately, the most frequent is an ad notification that if you click it will be directed to the ad site page.

So, what you need to fix is ​​which sites often display ad notifications and want to remove them, using the website address in the ad notification section that appears. If it has been found, then click the three-point button to the right of the requested site. In the options that appear, click Remove if you want permission or click Block to allow notifications from the site.
If you don't want to allow notifications from any site, please click on the toggle to the right of Ask before sending (recommended) so that it changes to Blocked. By doing this, the request for permission from any site will not appear again, which means there will be no notification from any site.
I think enough, I hope this article can help netizens who wanna Block Ad Notification on Chrome Dekstop Browser. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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