How to Activate Office 2019 Permanently Use Offline Method

Activate Office 2019 Permanently - If you have installed Microsoft Office 2019, then you have 15 days to activate. Activation of Office 2019 is needed because the most popular document processing products from Microsoft are a close source and non-free software. So, to be able to continue using Office 2019 then you must activate.

Office activation needs to be done for all versions, it can be Office 2019 Professional, Home, Student, Business or other versions. You need a product key that will be used when activating Office 2019. This product key will work like a key that will open access to office 2019 products as a whole and permanently.

Then what if you don't have a product key? You can still activate Office 2019 even if you don't have a product key. This method will be carried out using the help of third-party software that functions as the Office gen 9 keygens. One of the software that you can use to activate Office 2019 is the Office KMS 2019.

Activation of Office 2019 Using KMS Office 2019

If you are looking for software that can be used as a keygen or activator for Microsoft Office 2019 that you have installed, then Office 2019 KMS is one of the best solutions. This software can be used for any version of Office 2019 activation, starting from Office 2019 Home, Professional, Business, and others. In addition, all products contained in Microsoft Office 2019 will be active all and can be used intact and permanently.

Office 2019 KMS will work as an Office 2019 activator by converting Office 2019 to Volume type. The conversion process is done because if you download office 2019, then you will get Office 2019 Retail. Meanwhile, Office 2019 KMS can only install volume licenses. Therefore, it is necessary to process the conversion from Retail to Volume in Office 2019. KMS Office 2019 then installs the product key or Volume license to Office 2019 installed on your Laptop. For more, you can follow the steps below to activate Office 2019.

The first thing to do is to temporarily turn off the Antivirus scan function. If you use Windows Defender defaults to Windows 10, then you must turn off the Real-time protection feature of Windows Defender for a while. If you use another antivirus, then you must also turn off the antivirus.
Then, make sure you have the Office 2019 KMS software that will be used as an Office 2019 activator. If you don't have it yet, please download it here.

Please extract the Office 2019 KMS that you have downloaded. Then open/run the Oinstall file (Run as administrator).
When you run Office 2019 KMS, the display that first appears is Main Window. To activate Office 2019 the work will be done on the Utility tab, please click the Utility tab.

Next, on the Utility page, please check the Office reactivation task. After that, do Office 2019 Retail conversion to Office 2019 Volume by pressing the Office RETAIL => VL button. If the conversion process has finished, it will be marked with the appearance of the Completed status in the description section.
Please proceed to the Office 2019 activation process by clicking Activate Office. If the Windows Security Alert window appears, please click Allow access. Wait until the activation process is completely marked with Product activation successful.
Next, please open a Microsoft Office product (such as Microsoft Word). Then check the activation status in File> Account. On this page, you will find Product Activated information which means that Office 2019 installed on your laptop has been successfully activated.
After you successfully activate Office 2019 using KMS Office 2019, then the last step is not to forget to reactivate your antivirus. If using Windows Defender, please reactivate the Real-time protection feature. If you use another antivirus, reactivate the scan function that you turned off beforehand.

That's how to activate Office 2019 that you have installed on your favorite laptop. Using this method, you can still activate Office 2019 even if you don't have the Office 2019 product key. What is clear is that this method can be done offline and Office 2019 will be permanently activated as if you are using a paid product key.

I think enough, I hope this article can help netizens who wanna Activate Office 2019 Permanently Use Offline Method. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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