How to Activate Office 2016 without Product Key

Activate Office 2016 permanently without Product Key - Microsoft Office 2016 is a document processing software that is very popular today. Although Microsoft Office 2019 has been present with a myriad of new features offered, it cannot simply shift Office 2016. One thing that is already known together is that in order to be fully used, you must activate Office 2016 after installing it.

Problems that often arise when you use Office 2016 that are not activated are very diverse, for example:
  • When you open a document that has been made before and then makes a change, the results of the change will not be saved.
  • Every time you open a 2016 Microsoft Office product such as Word 2016, an activation window will appear asking you to enter the product key.
  • The problem that is also often annoying on Office 2016 that is not activated is the appearance of the Product Notice popup which informs you that the Office you are using is not activated along with an order to activate.

Before doing the activation process, the first step that you should not miss is to turn off Antivirus for a while. If you use Windows Defender, please turn off the real-time protection feature in Windows Defender. If you use another antivirus, please turn off the real-time scan feature on the antivirus that you are using. This step is done so that the activation process runs smoothly because in general Antivirus will assume the software activator as a threat so it must be turned off temporarily during the activation process.

Activation of Office 2016 Using KMS Pico

The first way you can permanently and freely activate Microsoft Office 2016 is by using KMS Pico activator software. KMS Pico is one of Office 2016 software activators that is very popular compared to other activators. You can follow the steps below to activate using KMS Pico.

Before activating Office 2016 using the KMS Pico software, make sure you have the software activator. If you don't have KMS Pico software, please download the KMS Pico software first. You can download it here.

In the next step, please extract the Pico KMS file that you have downloaded. Then, open the extracted folder and you will find the KMSPico file. Please run the KMSPico.exe file as an administrator.
Next, the Extracting window will appear, which means the Office 2016 activation process using KMS Pico is in progress. The window will disappear automatically after the activation process is complete. If the window is gone, then you have successfully activated Microsoft Office 2016 installed on your laptop.

This method is the fastest and simplest way compared to other methods. So that the activation process can take place very quickly and Office 2016 can be used immediately to help complete your work.

I think enough, I hope this article can help netizens who wanna  Activate Office 2016 without Product Key. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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