How to Turn Off the Annoying Notification In the Instagram App

Turn Off the Annoying Notification In the Instagram App - Notification is a message displayed by Android to provide reminders, messages from other people, or actual information from our application. If we want to see or open a notification that appears, we can tap that message or take an action directly from the notification.

Notifications that usually appear on netizen's smartphone is usually from Instagram Live. Sometimes, when we are playing games, chatting with someone, video calls with our parents, the notification appears and blocks the smartphone screen. Surely, that is very annoying. So, can we deactivate the notifications that will appear next? Yes. You can follow the steps below:

How to Turn Off the Annoying Notification In the Instagram App

1. Open the Instagram app and open your profile.
2. Click the 'three-line' menu that locates on the top right of the Instagram app.

3. Click 'Setting' which is located at the bottom.
4. Click the 'Notifications' menu.
5. Click the 'Live and IGTV' menu which is between 'Direct Messages' menu and 'From Instagram' menu.

6. And finally, choose 'Off''.

If you have followed the steps above, the Instagram Live notification will not appear. If you want to turn on it again, you can repeat the steps above but in the last step, you should choose 'On'. Even in 'Live and IGTV'' menu, we can also turn on/off the  'IGTV Video Uploads'.

I hope this article can help netizens who want to turn off Instagram Live notification. If this article is useful, you can share this article with your friends or social media. Good Luck!

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